Bunker of Zion

Bunker of Zion

Fri 24 Jun 2022

Bunker of Zion – Created and devised by John Pfumojena.

The Bunker is a centre for joy, a space for hope, a meeting place. Inside, an underground collective of artists tell stories through live music, dance and song. Outside, this is forbidden.
Scored by the Zimbabwe Mbira and Marimba instruments; Bunker of Zion is a defiant celebration of colour and culture in a hostile world.

Bunker of Zion has been developed with artists and communities nationally with the Collaborative Touring Network. People from Wigan, Torbay, Peterborough, Thanet, Medway, Gloucester, Scarborough and Leeds have shared their stories and talents to make this show. Lee Ashton, from Beat This CiC, is the Peterborough Associate Artist.

Supported using public funds by Arts Council England.

Running time: approximately 60 mins

NB Seating for this show are in the round and on floor level, and therefore are unallocated.  Seating diagram is for booking purpose only.